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The Cleaning Product Swap You Need

With old cloths that are too flimsy to absorb dirt and dust, mildewed mops that spread more dirt than they pick up and broken tools like squeegees, your cleaning episode is more likely to end in tears than a clean, healthy home. And if you’re using outdated products, you’re likely to be missing out on some of the handy features available with new and innovative products.

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Ansell Long Cuff Disposable Gloves Reviews

These new disposable gloves from Ansell come with a cuff that is 20% longer than regular disposable gloves, which is handy for many jobs around the house where single use is preferred, but more coverage is needed.

With no powder or latex these gloves are also thick and durable which is often unexpected in a disposable glove. Read more

What You Can’t Put In The Dishwasher

We love our dishwasher just as much as the next person, but did you know there are some items that really shouldn’t be put in the machine? This is because unfortunately dishwashers don’t come with sensors or eyeballs to tell them to go easy on a particular item, so it treats everything with the same blasting hot water and detergent. Read more