7 Alternative Uses for Sponges

As well as being indispensable for wiping, scrubbing and absorbing all manner of drips and spills, sponges can have a range of other surprising uses both in and out of the kitchen.

There are hundreds of possible uses for sponges, but we’ve listed just a few of the most useful ideas. These just might save the day:

1. Ice Pack & Lunch Box Cooler

Just dampen a sponge, place into a zip lock bag and into the freezer and you will have a handy emergency ice pack on hand that won’t drip all over you. On warm days, you can also place the pack inside kids’ lunchboxes to keep food cool and safe.

2. Apply and Remove Makeup

To apply makeup, just cut up a dense sponge like Vileda Wettex into smaller pieces and use to apply foundation and concealer. When it comes time to remove, you can dampen a full size Wettex with makeup remover for a gentle way to clean it all off. When you’re done, just pop the Wettex in the washing machine for a reusable, eco-friendly solution to makeup removal.

3. A Helpful Hand in the Garden

For sprouting tiny new seeds, just place onto a damp sponge and keep it moist and in a sunny position. Once they’ve sprouted into seedlings they are ready to plant into soil. If you’re planting into a pot, just place a damp sponge in the bottom to both stop soil from spilling out and also for an extra water reserve if the pot dries out.

4. Stop Fridge Spills

If you often get mystery spills at the bottom of your refrigerator, lay down a large flat sponge like Vileda Wettex to absorb them before they leak out. This will help keep your fruit and veggies fresher for longer.

6. Touching Up Paint

If you’re getting small scrapes along your walls, instead of repainting the entire wall, just dab a small sponge into some left over paint and delicately dab along the scuff marks to easily and quickly hide them.

7. Entertaining the Kids

You can cut up a sponge into fun shapes to use as stamps for children’s paint projects or even as bath toys. Let your imagination run wild with this one!

Don’t stop just there – do you have any other uses for sponges you could share?

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