Ansell Long Cuff Disposable Gloves Reviews

These new disposable gloves from Ansell come with a cuff that is 20% longer than regular disposable gloves, which is handy for many jobs around the house where single use is preferred, but more coverage is needed.

With no powder or latex these gloves are also thick and durable which is often unexpected in a disposable glove.

We think they’re great but we’re sure you won’t want to just take our word for it, which is why asked some real Ansell customers to use the gloves in their own homes and tell us what they really thought.

What Our Reviewers Likedansell long cuff disposable gloves

Laura: I have sensitive skin which reacts to most things and these gloves didn’t irritate me at all. I love the extra length as I wear gloves for all of my cleaning and washing because of my sensitivity to chemicals and soaps. The extra length ensured that any splash backs from chemicals remained away from my skin.

Gina: I LOVED these. They were perfect – no worrying about using them again due to bacteria as I can toss them out after usage. They are VERY tough and durable and being long cuffed I had no need to worry about arm sleeves getting dirty.

Aileen: I was using very hot water and strong chemicals and a brush but the gloves were excellent. Withstanding all and keeping my hand and lower arm protected.

What Did You Use the Ansell Long Cuff Disposable Gloves For?

Aileen: I used them to give my bathroom floors a good scrub to clean the grout lines particularly.

Laura loved testing out the Ansell Long Cuff Disposable Gloves
Laura loved testing out the Ansell Long Cuff Disposable Gloves

Laura: I used them with harsh chemicals to clean my stove and stainless steel appliances with a product which irritates me and they withstood the use and constant action of my hand moving with a sponge.

They are even great to use for washing the dishes as they are very strong and durable and don’t tear easily and the cuff is long enough so you don’t get a glove full of water.

We also used the gloves to refill ink cartridges (which is a MESSY job). With the Ansell Long Cuff disposables we had no problems with tearing at all, in fact not one has ripped on us!

I also used the gloves whilst preparing a roast chicken for dinner as I HATE the feel of a raw chicken and the amount of bacteria on them is enough to deter me from wanting to have it as a meal, The colour doesn’t run off the glove and it doesn’t have any powder to rub off and make the meal taste unusual AND they are really easy to get off so you don’t have to dirty your other hand once one glove is off to remove the other, so it really is a multi-use glove.

Gina: I washed the bathrooms, toilets and sinks. I generally use an old used pair of Ansell Gloves (not the disposable type) so I can throw away used gloves due to bacteria in bathroom/toilets. I put on another pair and also cleaned the oven, again I was very happy with these, as you can imagine there is a lot of grime and grease in an oven – I use harsh detergents for oven and a sponge/scourer and really scrubbed and worked with gloves on for an hour or so, the gloves at no point ripped at all.

How Well Did The Gloves Fit?

Gina: They fit perfectly, didn’t leave hands feeling sweaty at all.

Aileen: The gloves were a great fit for me.

Laura: They fit my hand perfectly and I thought they must’ve been a small size as my hands are quite small so I popped them on hubby’s hands to see if they would fit – they did! As they are designed to fit a range of hands it allows you to get value for your purchase.

Would You Buy Them Again And Why?

Aileen: I like that they are latex free as that is my preference when buying disposable gloves. So I would buy them again.

Gina: Overall I loved these; they will definitely be going on my permanent shopping list.

Laura: I would definitely purchase them again, they meet mine and my family’s needs and are handy for a large variety of jobs.

Any Improvements You Could Think Of To the Gloves?

Aileen: I noted the box did not specifically say they were ok for food preparation.

Gina: If I had one recommendation it would be if gloves were slightly longer – otherwise I can’t find any fault with these, why were these not invented sooner?

Laura: I can’t think of any improvements I am highly impressed with this product and will be recommending to others.

Ansell Long Cuff Disposable Gloves are only available in Woolworths stores nationally.