Ansell Long Cuff Disposable Gloves Reviews

These new disposable gloves from Ansell come with a cuff that is 20% longer than regular disposable gloves, which is handy for many jobs around the house where single use is preferred, but more coverage is needed.

With no powder or latex these gloves are also thick and durable which is often unexpected in a disposable glove. Read more

The Magic of Microfibre Cleaning

Its winter!  This means you may be cooking more, resulting in more greasy mess in the kitchen. Or you may be heating your home more, resulting in more dust and dirt settling on all your surfaces.

Either way, now more than ever surfaces will need more attention. And microfibre cloths are the fastest, most effective way of wiping without harsh chemicals, which has to be better for the environment. Read more

Vileda Handi Dish Product Review

Liquid dish handles are a great time saving creation, whether you need to wash just one coffee cup or a sink full of dinner dishes. They act as a 3-in-1 by combining a sponge, scourer and the dishwashing liquid all in one convenient handle that allows you to wash up instantly.

We thought we’d try out the Vileda Handi Dish as it has a few innovative features, such as an ergonomic grip and slower detergent release for less wastage, which should result in happier and easier dishwashing.

Read more