Cleaning Up This Christmas

We’re always being asked for cleaning tips, especially for pre and post party clean-ups and how to clean the kitchen until it sparkles and looks fabulous! We’ve put together our Christmas cleaning tips below with some suggestions about which cleaning tools and products to use:

Q: How can I get the grimy shower screen clean in time for holiday guests?

A: Mix bicarbonate of soda and white wine vinegar to a paste and apply with the Vileda Bath Magic bathroom mop ….and a little elbow grease. Leave for a few minutes then rinse off thoroughly and buff dry with the Vileda Glass cloth.

Q: How can I get my oven in shape for Christmas roasts?

(Note: not applicable for self-cleaning /Pyrolytic ovens)

A: Put an ovenproof bowl of water into a 200 degree centigrade oven and leave for 30 minutes for the steam to soften the dirt, making it easier to shift. Allow the oven to cool. Put on some Ansell SuperGloves and sprinkle baking soda directly onto a damp cloth or scourer such as the Vileda  Dual-action Scourer, and scrub. Add some dry, coarse rock salt for extra abrasion. This can effectively replace most abrasive chemical cleaners and won’t leave toxic residues. Leave for two hours. Rinse thoroughly with warm water then dry with a Vileda Magic Microfibre cloth to get an extra clean finish.

Q:  Do you have any tips on cleaning the microwave?

A: Put a few slices of fresh lemon into a bowl of very hot water and heat in the microwave on high for about five minutes. The lemony steam will pass through the vents, getting rid of any lingering odors and loosening any baked-on remains clinging to the roof and walls. It’ll then be really easy to wipe down with a clean damp cloth, use your trusty Vileda Actifibre cloth for dazzling results.

Q: How do you keep on top of dirt and germs, especially as holiday season usually means lots of children running around?

A: Smeary, sticky fingerprints on glass can be tackled with the new Vileda Glass Cloth with 30% Microfibre . Dirty footprints, small spills and “accidents” can be cleaned up quickly with the Vileda AttrActive Floor Cleaning system with Antibacterial wipes which kill 99.9% of germs and have a pleasant oranges and lemon scent.

Q: How do I get sparkling clean glasses that will look the part on my table?

A: Wear Ansell Sensitive Touch Gloves and wash your glassware in hot soapy water with your Vileda Actifibre cloth. Rinse, fill with extra hot tap water and line up on the drainer. Empty one at a time and immediately dry and buff with the Vileda Glass Cloth for a crystal clear shine.

Q: How do I wash my best bone china without scratching or cracking it?

A: Our best tip for china is to hand-wash it in the sink, not the dishwasher! For delicate china you need to control the environment and have the right tools. Wear Ansell Pink Silverlined Gloves  as they have a super grip and use fresh, hot water with a little detergent and a Vileda Dish washing Cloth which is great for removing greasy, oily residues. After a soak, gently rub the areas with stuck on food or grease, rinse clean and leave to drip dry on the drainer. For that extra sparkling finish dry with a super absorbent Actifibre cloth.

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