Cleaning Tips for Gorgeous Glass

We love the satisfying cleaning of perfect glass. Even better than the gleam you get in the reflection is how easy it is! Follow our tips for a streak free shine.

Glass table tops

Glass coffee and dining tables look great when they’re clean, but they’re a magnet for dust and fingerprint marks. To keep your table top sparkling clean, use methylated sprits or glass cleaner and a soft clean cloth. You can also use a lint-free microfibre cloth to avoid streaks on the glass – paper towel will leave lint behind.

You will need to do this at least once a week to keep it looking great, even more often if you have kids or pets.


Purists will tell you to always wash your glasses by hand. You can listen to them if you wish, but most of your everyday glassware can be washed quite safely (and easily) in your dishwasher.

Wine glasses need a little more care and attention, and they should be washed by hand. Also always rinse your wine glasses after use rather than letting them sit around with a small amount of leftover wine in them.

Wash gently in warm soapy water using a soft cloth. Never use really hot water as glasses don’t like it! Always rinse your glasses with cool clean water after washing. Try drying them with a microfibre cloth instead of a tea towel, which will leave lint behind. Or you can leave them to drip dry themselves.

It might seem a bit extreme, but if you’re washing a lot of glasses after a party, put a tea towel in the sink before you fill it. This way, if you accidentally drop a glass it has a better chance of survival.

And if you’re using the dishwasher – keep an eye on the rinse aid. Without it, your glasses will come out all streaky.

Best Way to Clean Windows & Doors

If you’ve been looking for the best way to clean windows, look no further.

Before washing windows, give the sill and frames a good vacuum with the brush attachment. Spiders like nothing better than a window frame for spinning their webs (if this is the case, some post-wash lemon oil is a good deterrent).

To clean glass doors and windows add a few tablespoons of clear ammonia or vinegar (not both) to a bucket of luke warm water. Alternatively try methylated spirits (one cup to half a bucket). Try to avoid cleaning your windows on a hot sunny day. You’ll end up with streaks as the cleaning solution starts to dry before you have time to wipe it off.

Working quickly, one pane at a time, give the glass a thorough all over wash. Once you’ve done this you’ll need to dry the glass with a lint-free microfibre cloth. People commonly use paper towel, but this will leave lint behind. And despite what you may have heard, forget polishing glass with newspaper as today’s latex-based inks will probably make a streaky mess. This tip became outdated when newspapers stopped using ink made from lampblack.

Even better, invest in a squeegee. Holding the blade a 45° angle position your squeegee at the top of the glass and firmly drag in across the glass. For best results make sure you wipe the squeegee rubber clean between wipes.



Hi thanks for sharing these tips. I am fond of decorating my home. And thus most of the things in my home are made up of glass. But cleaning all of them was really a hectic task. Now I am using methylated sprits with soft cloth and it really works !


A glass dining table can add lot of brightness in the dining room and can give your house an elegant look. When you use a glass top over the dining table, the whole room lightens up, thus generating a feeling of warmth. Always use a better quality of glass cleaner to clean the glass table. Use a sponge or soft cotton cloth to clean the table. Your table will look old, if there are scratches on the table. Slight scratches on the glass table can be removed by using a buffing wheel. If there are marks on the glass table, you can use transparent nail enamel to fill in the cavities and hide the marks. However, very big marks can be treated only with the help of professionals. Get more tips at :


I use easy off Bam, then go over it with windex. The bam takes off all the soap scum and evetirhyng, but leaves a blurry mess, so I go over that with windex. I think it would be better if I had a shower head with a hose that I could get all the bam off though. HTH

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Simply a smiling visitor here to share the love (:, btw great style .

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