Ode to Rubber Gloves: The Poem

From time to time at Ansell we get customers who are so passionate about our products they just have to voice their opinion about it in a creative way. Be it through song, artwork or as in this case, poetry, when people love a product his much it can come out in very creative ways!

Thanks to Mrs McCubben from Home Hill in North Queensland for this poem she sent in recently about her love for the Ansell Trio Gloves, which come as a set of 3 gloves that will all fit either the right or the left hand. For the record, all IGA stores Australia wide stock the Ansell Trio gloves, which Mrs McCubben was very relieved to discover. Enjoy!


Ode to Trio Rubber Gloves

[column width=”1/2″ first=”yes”]
I like to wear my rubber gloves
To wash my dishes here;
It’s beneficial to my hands,
That much is very clear;
But gloves wear out at different rates
As I have often found;
I might have six left handed gloves,
Just one for right is sound.

The ‘Ansell Trio ‘packs were great,
Three gloves for either hand;
I used these gloves for many years,
Thought they were simply grand;
But suddenly I could not buy
The ‘Trio’ packs at all;
They were not found in any shops;
It ‘drove me up the wall!’

I’m back to gloves that only fit
The left hand or the right;
The left hand ones are mounting up
And I’m frustrated, quite;
I’ve turned a ‘left-hand’ inside out,
But dishes tend to slip
Through slippery inner lining as
I lose my soapy grip.
[/column][column width=”1/2″ last=”yes”]

Frustration’s mounting up round here,
For dishes I must do,
And I must wear my rubber gloves
Or ‘skin’ results I rue;
I’m seeking a solution, but
It’s very hard to find;
O give me back my ‘Trio’ pack
And I’ll have peace of mind.

– Mrs McCubben, Home Hill, North Queensland