Product Road Test: Virobi Robotic Dusting Mop

Dust – the ever present enemy of a clean home! Your home can be clean and tidy but dust will quickly build within a matter of days to cover every possible surface. The conventional way to remove dust from floors is either by vacuuming or sweeping, or is it? A new generation of cleaning robots has emerged in recent years to both save time and reach areas where vacuums can’t fit.

The Virobi by Vileda is an interesting twist on the cleaning robot trend – instead of vacuuming up dirt and dust it comes with an electrostatic pad that collects dust from hard floors as it swirls around. We took the Virobi on a road test to see how it performs in the average Australian home on hardwood floors and tiles.

Small and light, the Virobi almost looks like a miniature UFO when pulled out of the box! The black mesh around the outside of the Virobi comes with Velcro so that the electrostatic cloth can be fixed underneath. All I needed to do was place the cloth on the Velcro and the Virobi was ready to go.

There are 2 cleaning programs on the Virobi – a short 30 minute cycle (indicated on the button by one circle) and a longer 120 minute cycle (the button with 2 circles). I selected the short cycle and away the Virobi went!

Virobi made its way around the room by spinning in straight lines until it encountered furniture or a wall. It would recognise the object and then spin around in the opposite direction. The more or less triangular pattern it followed was somewhat mesmerising to watch, but it was also clear that this is a good way to ensure the Virobi would cover the entire room efficiently.

As Virobi encounters an object the base gently flexes to ensure it fits within corners and cleans along walls. At only 7cm high, it fits under most furniture, so is handy for all those hard to reach areas.

The noise rating for Virobi was excellent – it was possible to watch TV or carry on a conversation with Virobi in the background. The pet dog was slightly curious but not in the least bothered by Virobi.

Once it was finished its program, I removed the electrostatic pad to reveal a mass of dust, dirt and hair. The Virobi had done an excellent job at cleaning a very dirty floor with a minimum of fuss.

Would I recommend the Virobi? At only $59.99 on eBay, the Virobi is a time-saving, affordable alternative to sweeping for regular cleaning of hard floors that is also relatively quiet. Importantly, as Virobi is made by international brand Vileda it comes with a 2 year warranty.