The All-Rounder Glove: Super Gloves Road Test

If you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect ‘all-rounder’ rubber glove that can withstand just about any task, we’ve got the product review for you.

super glove pack

With hands being one of the first places to show up signs of ageing,  gloves are essential for simple jobs like the washing up to the more difficult jobs that involve harsh chemicals. Wearing gloves will prevent your hands drying out from exposure to moisture, from being damaged by sharp objects, or burns from the most common household chemicals, all of which can harm your hands and nails with repeated exposure.

Having a strong, all-purpose glove in your kit will ensure that you will always have a glove on hand when you need it for any job. This is why we’re reviewing the Ansell Super Glove; an extra tough glove that should be suitable for most jobs.

Super Gloves feel thick and strong out of the pack as they are coated in neoprene, which gives additional protection from chemicals and tears. I gave the fingers a good tug to test out the durability and they sprang right back into place without damage.

Ansell super glove

Cotton lining on the inside gives the Super Gloves a lovely smooth and soft feel that also means hands stay dryer for longer.

We used the gloves while scrubbing the shower to avoid snags on sharp tile edges, tearing our nails on the grout and also to limit our exposure to shower cleaning chemicals. The gloves performed perfectly and kept our hands dry and safe for half an hour.

The best part is the gloves can be used for just about any purpose we can think of, even as gardening gloves! So you won’t need to buy a different glove for each task, saving time and space.

We think keeping hands protected from harsh daily treatment is a good investment in their future health and appearance. If you’ve ever developed a strange rash on your hands or can never seem to keep your hands moisturised, perhaps you need to look at the gloves you have (or haven’t!) been wearing.

Ansell Super Gloves are a great all-rounder glove that you can be confident to rely on for strong and durable protection for your hands.

And now with free postage available on a 12 pack of Super Gloves at the Official Vileda Australia eBay Store, you can buy in bulk and save.

*If you are looking for gloves to protect from specific chemicals or for protection from cuts, please contact Ansell on 1800 500 513 or visit

*And if you have allergies to latex rubber, Ansell Dermo Plus is a suitable replacement for Super Gloves.