Germs Are Lurking In Your Home! Find Out How To Best Remove Them

Germs, they’re literally everywhere! These tiny, squiggly creatures are on our skin, in our gut and all over our homes.

For most of us this isn’t an issue, we try to keep things clean when we can and don’t lose any sleep over it. But for some of us, germs and their eradication can become somewhat of a quest, an obsession if you like. (more…)

Top Tips to Prepare Your Home for Christmas

With just over 2 weeks to go until Christmas, you may be wondering how you will fit it all in! With the shopping, decorating and parties there is little time left over for getting the house in shape ready for hordes of visitors.

We have put together our top time saving tips to have you ready for the 25th in no time!


Spring Cleaning Tips Part 2: The Giant Cleaning List

Continuing on from part one of our Spring Cleaning Tips series, part 2 is all about getting hands on with all the cleaning tasks.

The strange thing about spring cleaning is that it can be quite enjoyable once you get the ball rolling, as you get to tackle all the jobs that you only look at once in a while and it can be very satisfying. (more…)