Valentine’s Day Clean Up Tips

If you had a great time on Valentine’s Day, chances are you have a big mess to clean up!

From clothing to tablecloths, and red wine to chocolate, there are plenty of Valentine’s Day shenanigans that you will want to kiss goodbye to the next day. (more…)

How to Clean Fabric Stains: A Complete Guide

Your favourite shirt, ruined by that splotch of grease. Your best tablecloth, forever stained by past dinner parties. It seems like everyone we know has had something ruined by a stain that just won’t go away.

Of course for spills and splatters, speedy action is the key to success. But even quick work doesn’t stop some from staining. Which is why we have compiled a list of hints to help your remove just about any type of stain from fabric.

Of course remember to always read the manufacturer’s care label and test on a hidden part of the fabric first.


Living Area Cleaning Tips

Whether your household is made up of a combined lounge and dining room, two separate formal rooms or one grandiose family room, they’re all places where we spend a lot of time.

As such they’re also places where dirt and germs like to spend time too. By dedicating just a small amount of time each week using our cleaning tips you can easily keep your living, dining or whatever-you-want-to-call it room clean and cosy.


Best Party Clean Up Tips

Who doesn’t love a great party? Let’s face it, we all do. The problem starts when the guests have gone home and you’re faced with the morning after.

With dirty glasses, mystery stains and so much mess everywhere, you may wonder why you bothered having a party in the first place. Don’t fret, just follow our guide and you’ll have your place back to normal in no time.