Ah-Choo! Allergy Friendly Cleaning Guide

It’s a common scene – the weather changes from summer to autumn or from winter to spring and cue the allergies! The huffing, puffing, sneezing and wheezing that come with hayfever or asthma are often the soundtrack to this time of the year. (more…)

Valentine’s Day Clean Up Tips

If you had a great time on Valentine’s Day, chances are you have a big mess to clean up!

From clothing to tablecloths, and red wine to chocolate, there are plenty of Valentine’s Day shenanigans that you will want to kiss goodbye to the next day. (more…)

How to Remove Chocolate Stains From Clothes And Furniture

You know what it is like at Easter or any other time of the year when you have a chocolate fest – there always seems to be the one (or two) chocolate that has ended up melted into a t-shirt or wedged in between the sofa cushions, exploding out of its foil wrapper.

Chocolate can be a tough stain to remove – with a variety of proteins, fats and sugars ground or melted in to fabrics; it’s no wonder that chocolate stains can have a mind of their own. It is one of those stains that is easy to make much, much worse than the original crime scene. Follow our guide for stress free chocolate stain removal…