Go Beyond Cleaning With Sponges & Gloves for Kids

Forget tablets, gaming consoles or fancy sporting equipment, sometimes you can keep the kids entertained with the simplest of items. Taking everyday objects and turning them into something more can light up the imagination of kids more than any video game. We think cleaning products are a perfect way to show kids the power of creativity and keep them busy on a rainy afternoon. Read more

What You Can’t Put In The Dishwasher

We love our dishwasher just as much as the next person, but did you know there are some items that really shouldn’t be put in the machine? This is because unfortunately dishwashers don’t come with sensors or eyeballs to tell them to go easy on a particular item, so it treats everything with the same blasting hot water and detergent. Read more

Ode to Rubber Gloves: The Poem

From time to time at Ansell we get customers who are so passionate about our products they just have to voice their opinion about it in a creative way. Be it through song, artwork or as in this case, poetry, when people love a product his much it can come out in very creative ways!

Thanks to Mrs McCubben from Home Hill in North Queensland for this poem she sent in recently about her love for the Ansell Trio Gloves, which come as a set of 3 gloves that will all fit either the right or the left hand. For the record, all IGA stores Australia wide stock the Ansell Trio gloves, which Mrs McCubben was very relieved to discover. Enjoy!

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