What You Can’t Put In The Dishwasher

We love our dishwasher just as much as the next person, but did you know there are some items that really shouldn’t be put in the machine? This is because unfortunately dishwashers don’t come with sensors or eyeballs to tell them to go easy on a particular item, so it treats everything with the same blasting hot water and detergent. (more…)

10 Quick & Easy Tips for Hand Washing Dishes

While dishwashers are increasingly common, 49% of households[1] in Australia do not have dishwashers and need to do their dishes the manual way. Many of the 51% of people with dishwashers still need to do some dishes by hand.

Washing the dishes sounds simple enough, but these tips promise to make it easier!


Vileda Handi Dish Product Review

Liquid dish handles are a great time saving creation, whether you need to wash just one coffee cup or a sink full of dinner dishes. They act as a 3-in-1 by combining a sponge, scourer and the dishwashing liquid all in one convenient handle that allows you to wash up instantly.

We thought we’d try out the Vileda Handi Dish as it has a few innovative features, such as an ergonomic grip and slower detergent release for less wastage, which should result in happier and easier dishwashing.