Valentine’s Day Clean Up Tips

If you had a great time on Valentine’s Day, chances are you have a big mess to clean up!

From clothing to tablecloths, and red wine to chocolate, there are plenty of Valentine’s Day shenanigans that you will want to kiss goodbye to the next day. (more…)

How to Clean Your Make Up Brushes

Make up brushes definitely fall into the category of use-everyday-but-forget-to-clean items, like the kettle. But as long as we don’t share them with others and our face is clean before we use them it doesn’t matter if we don’t wash them, right? Wrong!

Not only do make up brushes accumulate product, meaning that you are applying a little bit of old make up with the new (potentially tainting your colour and affecting the finish of your application), but your brush harbours dead skin cells, oils and bacteria from your skin. This is a nasty combination that can cause bacteria to grow within the brush and give you nasty break outs and even unexplained rashes!


Six Ingenious Ways with Wettex

The Vileda Wettex Sponge Cloth has been around for years,since 1949 in fact, but is recently experiencing something of a revival as people realise how essential they are in the home, and for more reasons than you think!

Standard uses include washing the dishes, mopping up spills and cleaning surfaces. However due to its natural composition (70% cellulose, 30% cotton), ability to absorb up to 14 times its own weight and long wearing durability, this everyday object has many other great uses that aren’t always written on the packaging…


How to Clean Fabric Stains: A Complete Guide

Your favourite shirt, ruined by that splotch of grease. Your best tablecloth, forever stained by past dinner parties. It seems like everyone we know has had something ruined by a stain that just won’t go away.

Of course for spills and splatters, speedy action is the key to success. But even quick work doesn’t stop some from staining. Which is why we have compiled a list of hints to help your remove just about any type of stain from fabric.

Of course remember to always read the manufacturer’s care label and test on a hidden part of the fabric first.


How to Clean Carpet Stains: A Comprehensive Guide

Let’s face it, carpet feels great underfoot but can be the most difficult of all home surfaces to keep clean.

Which is why we have put together an exhaustive list of how to clean many types of carpet stains.

The best tip of course is speedy action on the spill, splatter or stain. If you always keep a bottle of soda water in your cupboard, this is your first port of call for many accidents, as the bubbles will work in your favour to help to lift fresh spills straight away. At the end, pat dry with paper towel to avoid water marks.