Tips for Mopping Timber Floors

Naturally beautiful to look at and great for those with allergies, timber is an increasingly popular flooring choice. But timber comes with its own set of cleaning quirks, so a little special care can go a long way towards keeping your floors looking top notch for longer.

When it comes to wood, too much and too hot water is a no-no and can ruin your floors! Excessive wet patches can stain timber flooring and can even result in expanded and warped boards. The correct mop and mopping technique will prolong the life and beauty of your wooden floors, protecting your investment and even your flooring warranty. Read more

Removing a Vileda Easy Wring & Clean Mop Refill

Thankfully modern mops like the range from Vileda are refillable, allowing for the mop head to be washed hygienically and replaced when worn out. This helps stop the spread of dirt and germs and gives a better, more efficient clean.

However some of you have called in to the Vileda customer service line or left comments on the blog asking for more advice on how to remove the Easy Wring & Clean refills from the mop. Read more