How to Clean Oven Racks Easily

As one the most neglected cleaning jobs, oven racks bear the brunt of collected grime with often months or years of burnt on grease blackening the beauty of the stainless steel.

And not even those lucky enough to have self-cleaning ovens escape the oven racks – they can’t be left in the oven during the cleaning cycle as they could warp and discolour.

So for a job that most of us will need to tackle at some point in time, we thought we’d find a way to make it easier for you with as little elbow grease as possible. (more…)

Tips for the Post-Christmas Clean Up

Once the pudding (or pavlova!) has been served, all the presents have been unwrapped and the guests have gone home, your house will be left in a bit of a state!

If just looking at the mess has you stressed, take a deep breath and reflect on all the great moments you just shared with family and friends. Then, when you are ready, take a look at our tips on how to best tackle the post Christmas clean up.


Keep Calm when Cooking with our Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Your kitchen is the engine room. It’s where you find yourself at odd times of the day or night. It’s where you go to put a stop to that rumble in your tummy. It’s also the one room that need some serious attention when it comes to cleaning.

We have put together our top tips to save you time and sanity when cleaning your kitchen.


Top Ten Best Cleaning Tips

We have scoured the earth for our top tips, based on the most popular search requests on our site:

  1. Get the right tools for the job! Cleaning products like sponges, brushes, mops, brooms and gloves have come a long way and the right product will save you time and energy by getting the job done more efficiently. See Vileda and Ansell for the latest cleaning innovations. (more…)