Vileda Heavy Duty 3 in 1 Scourer Road Test

When it comes to pots, pans and the stove top, a good scourer is an under the sink essential – a messy sauce or burnt on food is almost impossible to remove without it.

With the Vileda Heavy Duty 3 in 1 Scourer being introduced in a 24 pack at the Vileda eBay store in the near future, we were keen to try it out on a pot of cooked-on scrambled eggs. This pot never comes out of the dishwasher clean after scrambled eggs, so I preferred to wash it by hand anyway to avoid having to rewash it later, as usual.

The ‘3-in-1’ refers to the green side for scouring, the blue microfibre side for wiping down surfaces and the yellow sponge for soaking up water.


Product Road Test: Vileda Naturals Multi-Purpose Wipes

This time we are testing out a product that has been given a bad rap in the past – the Vileda Naturals Multi-Purpose Wipes. They have been given an overhaul and we are giving them a go to see how they have improved.

In the past, some have said these wipes weren’t as durable as they could have been and felt a bit ‘mushy’ when wet. As they are made of renewable resources this makes sense and you may not expect it to perform the same as products made of petrochemicals, but now that the product has been improved we’re keen to try it out to see how it compares. (more…)

Vileda Naturals All Purpose Cloth: The Road Test

When it comes to general everyday cleaning, it’s fairly easy to be green and swap detergents for bicarb and vinegar. But how can the whole process, including the cloth, be eco friendly as well? After all, green cleaning formulas seem a little pointless if the cloth used is an environmentally hazard that sits in landfill for 1,000 years or longer.

This is where I noticed new products like the Vileda Naturals range are making the cleaning process as green as possible. All materials used are of natural origin, from renewable components and recycled resources, ensuring the effect of cleaning on the environment is as friendly as possible. (more…)