Better Benchtop Wiping Practices

Did you know that kitchen benchtops are dirtiest surface in most homes? You may be surprised, but think about all the food and drink spills, shopping bags, handbags and even bottoms your benchtop is in contact with regularly and it is no surprise it comes out on top. Read more

Vileda Heavy Duty 3 in 1 Scourer Road Test

When it comes to pots, pans and the stove top, a good scourer is an under the sink essential – a messy sauce or burnt on food is almost impossible to remove without it.

With the Vileda Heavy Duty 3 in 1 Scourer being introduced in a 24 pack at the Vileda eBay store in the near future, we were keen to try it out on a pot of cooked-on scrambled eggs. This pot never comes out of the dishwasher clean after scrambled eggs, so I preferred to wash it by hand anyway to avoid having to rewash it later, as usual.

The ‘3-in-1’ refers to the green side for scouring, the blue microfibre side for wiping down surfaces and the yellow sponge for soaking up water.

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The Kitchen Cleaning Secrets of Vinegar

Vinegar – such a humble, simple little acidic substance that has had a huge resurgence as a miracle solution in recent years, with everything from medical to agricultural usage benefiting from a little vinegar.

The acid in vinegar (only about 5% of the actual product) has almost magical qualities that are able to dissolve and kill a range of nasties, from mould to bacteria, germs and grease. So today we are placing a spotlight on how to use this great natural cleaning dynamo in the kitchen.

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Top Ten Best Cleaning Tips

We have scoured the earth for our top tips, based on the most popular search requests on our site:

  1. Get the right tools for the job! Cleaning products like sponges, brushes, mops, brooms and gloves have come a long way and the right product will save you time and energy by getting the job done more efficiently. See Vileda and Ansell for the latest cleaning innovations. Read more