Study Proves Dust Is Making You Fat!

It doesn’t look like sugar, and I’m pretty darn sure it doesn’t taste like sugar . . . but the tests were done and the data is in—dust is the new fat maker.

And here you thought it was a poor diet and lack of exercise causing your expanding waist line. Well according to new research out of Duke University in the United States of America, this new kid on the block could actually pack a punch.


Vileda Cleaning Robot Review

When it comes to time-saving ways to clean, robot vacuums are at the top of so many wish lists. It’s no surprise why – with 2 hours spent vacuuming every week (on average) that’s 104 hours vacuuming every year! Naturally the prospect of never having to vacuum or sweep again is very appealing to almost everyone.

Vileda have just launched their world-famous Cleaning Robot in Australia, so we thought we’d put it to the test in a real home on hardwood floors, tiles and rugs.