12 Days to Christmas Clean

How to get your household chores complete in time for Christmas.

Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year, but if the celebrations are at your house, it’s probably going to be the most stressful. There are decorations to hang, presents to buy, parties to attend, work to finish, food to prepare, and gifts to wrap—not to mention the cleaning to do! (more…)

The Kitchen Cleaning Secrets of Vinegar

Vinegar – such a humble, simple little acidic substance that has had a huge resurgence as a miracle solution in recent years, with everything from medical to agricultural usage benefiting from a little vinegar.

The acid in vinegar (only about 5% of the actual product) has almost magical qualities that are able to dissolve and kill a range of nasties, from mould to bacteria, germs and grease. So today we are placing a spotlight on how to use this great natural cleaning dynamo in the kitchen.


How to Clean a Dishwasher

If your dishwasher has been developing an unpleasant smell or if doesn’t seem to be cleaning as effectively any more, it might benefit from a clean of its own!

Even though you may use it twice a day and think it gets cleaned in the process, it could be harbouring mould, mildew or grease from old food not rinsed completely, which means it won’t be cleaning your dishes as well or could even be making you ill.