Go Beyond Cleaning With Sponges & Gloves for Kids

Forget tablets, gaming consoles or fancy sporting equipment, sometimes you can keep the kids entertained with the simplest of items. Taking everyday objects and turning them into something more can light up the imagination of kids more than any video game. We think cleaning products are a perfect way to show kids the power of creativity and keep them busy on a rainy afternoon. Read more

Better Benchtop Wiping Practices

Did you know that kitchen benchtops are dirtiest surface in most homes? You may be surprised, but think about all the food and drink spills, shopping bags, handbags and even bottoms your benchtop is in contact with regularly and it is no surprise it comes out on top. Read more

Design your Own Wettex and WIN!

Popular since many of our grandparents were young, the Vileda Wettex is one of the company’s oldest products with over 60 years of heritage as a super absorbent sponge cloth.

Capable of absorbing up to 14 times its own weight, biodegradable, soft, durable and machine washable; Wettex is the ultimate example of great, timeless design. Read more