The Magic of Microfibre Cleaning

Its winter!  This means you may be cooking more, resulting in more greasy mess in the kitchen. Or you may be heating your home more, resulting in more dust and dirt settling on all your surfaces.

Either way, now more than ever surfaces will need more attention. And microfibre cloths are the fastest, most effective way of wiping without harsh chemicals, which has to be better for the environment.

Vileda Microfibre Kitchen 2 in 1 Cloth

They can look so soft and so gentle that it is possible to think they could not work in the face of thick dust or grease. But these innocent looking cloths do pack a big cleaning punch and can clean just about anything.

This is due to the almost magic microscopic fibres.  They have been specially engineered to sweep up even the tiniest specks of dirt and germs and trap them deep within the fibres.

Just a small list of what you can clean with a microfibre cloth:

  • wiping stainless steel: polishes to remove all marks
  • dusting furniture: damp or dry, depending on the amount of dust present
  • wiping counters and benchtops: either in the kitchen or bathroom
  • cleaning mirrors and glass: without the need for sprays
  • as a dishcloth: to wash the dishes, including delicate glasses
  • cleaning the shower: just use water, no need for harsh chemicals
  • remove stains: sit damp over a carpet or upholstery stain for a few hours and see the stain lift

This is by no means an exhaustive list – you can use a microfibre cloth just about anywhere you would use a regular cloth.

Just remember that you do not need to add any detergents, cleansers or degreasers with a microfibre cloth. In fact these chemicals can clog up the microfibres and stop them from working effectively.

The best thing about microfibre is it can be machine washed up to hundreds of times. Once you’ve finished, just pop the cloth in the wash separately so it doesn’t get filled with lint particles from other items like towels. Use a lower temperature wash, such as 30-40 degrees centigrade, to prolong the life of the cloth and skip the fabric softener.

Vileda Microfibre 2 in 1 Kitchen Cloth

Importantly, not all microfibre cloths are created equal. Using a good quality cloth with smaller fibres will help pick up more dirt. Thicker fibres will not trap all dirt and you will find particles left behind on your surfaces.

We used the Vileda Microfibre 2 in 1 Kitchen Cloth for our tests. It is soft on one side with tougher stripes of ‘power zones’ on the other side for scouring tougher dirt. This cloth will be available in stores from July.

For a cost effective, eco friendly, safe and simple cleaning solution, we highly recommend using microfibre cloths here at HelpMeClean.