Top Tips for Cleaning Up Outdoor Areas

Chances are you are already spending more and more time outside if the weather is warming up in your area. But is your outdoor area a less than inviting space? Get it looking great for the months to come of entertaining and basking in the sun, simply by following our tips!

Tip 1: Outdoor Furniture Tune Up

Chairs, tables and loungers are essential for enjoying the outdoors. So how do you banish the bugs, cobwebs, mildew and dirt before inviting over friends for a barbecue?

Depending on what materials your furniture is made from, you may want to use a solution of 1 cup baking soda added to a bucket of water and then wipe with a gentle scourer like the Vileda Dual-Action PU Sponge Scourer or for more hardy pieces use a scrubbing brush like the Vileda Scrub Brush. Don’t forget to flip chairs over to look out for spiders and other bugs. Rinse the baking soda off thoroughly and leave the furniture in the sun to dry.

Tip 2: Catch the Cobwebs

As the weather warms up bugs tend to settle into their homes. Unfortunately they can often end up settling in all the nooks and crannies of your verandah or patio, leaving behind unsightly cobwebs. The best way to remove these is to get a long-armed duster to catch all the tiny particles from high and low like the Vileda Microfibre Duster, which extends up to 1.85 metres. Rub away the cobwebs gently, taking care when reaching into high spaces. You can keep the bugs at bay by placing a plant that repels insects, such as citronella or marigolds, in a pot on your patio or deck.

Tip 3: Deck the Halls

Decks and other exposed areas often sit in the elements day in day out and can quickly end up covered in many layers of grime. A regularly cleaned deck will also last longer as the process removes built up environmental contaminants that can wear away at the wood, such as acid rain and pollution.

The best way to clean a deck is to get a sturdy outdoor broom with tough bristles such as the Vileda Master Brush and a deck washing detergent (avoid bleach) and scrub away evenly. Rinse off detergents thoroughly and leave the deck to dry for 24-48 hours before placing any items back on the deck. Once clean and dry, check the overall condition of the deck – it may be time to protect and seal your deck to make sure it will hold up over the next year.