Vileda Cleaning Robot Review

When it comes to time-saving ways to clean, robot vacuums are at the top of so many wish lists. It’s no surprise why – with 2 hours spent vacuuming every week (on average) that’s 104 hours vacuuming every year! Naturally the prospect of never having to vacuum or sweep again is very appealing to almost everyone.

Vileda have just launched their world-famous Cleaning Robot in Australia, so we thought we’d put it to the test in a real home on hardwood floors, tiles and rugs.

With features like autonomous navigation guiding it around furniture, drop sensors to keep it from falling down stairs and a bagless dustbin, this Cleaning Robot seems to have been well thought out. But, as always, we wanted to give the features a run for their money.

It comes with 3 cleaning modes to suit the room size – small, medium and large. I selected large as I had a big living/dining/TV area to cover. Once I switched it on, it whirred to life and began spinning in little circles that grew gradually wider to fill the room.

Watching it weave its way around furniture and the dog’s reactions was quite an entertaining experience the first time. It definitely exceeded my expectations on navigation – there was no spot it could not work its way out of, even the tangle of chair legs underneath the dining table was a walk in the park for the Robot.

When it does encounter an obstacle, the Robot ever so gently pushes against it and backs off to spin right around to another section of the room. There is no crashing up against furniture and there are absolutely no marks left on either the Cleaning Robot, furniture or walls.

The bonus with the Cleaning Robot was its ability to fit right underneath some furniture that an ordinary vacuum head could not fit under, like the TV cabinets. At 8 centimetres high it would also easily fit underneath many raised sofas, beds and coffee tables, eliminating dust and dirt from more places than a traditional vacuum cleaner. We say the more dust that’s cleaned up, the better!

As the Robot does laps of the room over and over, spending more time cleaning than I would have the energy for, the cleaning results are surprisingly good with all visible dust, dirt and hair picked up off my hardwood floor. Because it does this very detailed clean, the Vileda Cleaning Robot takes about 20-30 minutes to complete an average sized room and will beep when it has finished, signalling that it is ready for its next challenge. It has an inbuilt ‘handle’ that allows it to be lifted easily and carried safely from room to room, and it barely weighs a thing!

As for pets, the dog was much more accepting of the Cleaning Robot than the ordinary vacuum, as it is much smaller and quieter. Apart from a small bark and some natural curiosity, the dog was happy to sit on the couch and watch the Robot clean up all the dog fur!

Of course any items or cords lying on the ground needed to be picked up beforehand; this is a cleaning Robot, not a cleaning slave, after all! Dust compartments need to be emptied into the rubbish when full and hair and dust occasionally needs to be removed from the rollers and brushes so the Robot stays efficient. And after 80 minutes of use the Robot does need to be charged and will beep to indicate this. This is all only about 3 minutes of work from our experience, versus the hour or more spent vacuuming an average sized house.

The verdict? It is easy to see how the Vileda Cleaning Robot would make staying on top of vacuuming a very simple task. With many people unable to vacuum as often as they’d like to, this Robot can be turned on every day if needed, which is especially handy in Spring for those who suffer from hay fever and allergies.

Because we usually look down at the floor much more often than we look up, dirty floors are noticeable very quickly, which can make the whole home feel dirtier. Being able to vacuum the floor more regularly with the Cleaning Robot not only makes the floors cleaner, but gives you such a sense of control over your floors, even if other areas of your home are languishing. No longer does having no time mean you need to sacrifice having clean floors. In fact, while the Cleaning Robot whirrs around your home, you get the gift of more time to tackle other important cleaning jobs or spend more time doing the things you love. And isn’t time the most precious thing of all these days?