Vileda Handi Dish Product Review

Liquid dish handles are a great time saving creation, whether you need to wash just one coffee cup or a sink full of dinner dishes. They act as a 3-in-1 by combining a sponge, scourer and the dishwashing liquid all in one convenient handle that allows you to wash up instantly.

We thought we’d try out the Vileda Handi Dish as it has a few innovative features, such as an ergonomic grip and slower detergent release for less wastage, which should result in happier and easier dishwashing.

Vileda Handi Dish Products
The dish handle comes with a ‘Heavy Duty’ green sponge scourer that is suitable for everyday use. It feels tough but still soft, however is not recommended for delicate or non stick surfaces.

The first feature we noticed was the grip – it allows the handle to fit ergonomically to the contours of the hand. This is particularly welcomed when washing a few dishes, as it helps you avoid hand cramps and stops the handle from slipping away.

We next went to fill up the detergent holder with regular liquid dishwashing detergent. This was as simple as flipping the switch with a thumb, which then revealed an opening into which the detergent could be poured. This can all be done one-handed, which means you can hold the Handi Dish in one hand and pour the detergent in with the other, so that the whole process can be completed quickly and painlessly.

Vileda Handi Dish Refilling with Detergent
Most importantly, Handi Dish cleans effortlessly and effectively, even reaching into the tiny crevices found often at the base of cups and pots.When it comes to washing, the Handi Dish released a small amount of detergent gradually as we washed each item. Although it seemed like a very minimal amount, it ended up being the perfect level of detergent needed to clean each item effectively. This results in less detergent being wasted or leaking out when not in use, not to mention the follow on benefits in cost savings and reduced environmental impact.

When it came time to wash our wine glasses, we wanted to switch the refill to the more gentle ‘Micro Soft’ yellow refill, as they are dedicated for use on delicate surfaces like crystal and porcelain. It turns out that removing the old refill was as easy as a twist to the left and it popped right off. To place the new refill on was just as simple. And because of this twist on/off action, there is no risk of the refill suddenly slipping off the handle during washing up.

Vileda Handi Dish Changing RefillThe Handi Dish refills are also available in 2 other varieties: ‘Grill Scourer’ (blue) for bbq plates, oven plates, pots or pans; and ‘Xtra Heavy Duty’ (black) for stubborn tasks. This means that with one dish handle it is possible to wash the entire range of dishes you will encounter in the kitchen.Vileda Handi Dish Washing Wine Glass with Micro Soft Yellow Refill

The yellow ‘Micro Soft’ would also be perfect for quick cleaning in the shower, just fill up the detergent holder with bathroom cleaner and away you go. My brain is just buzzing with all the possibilities for Handi Dish in my house – outdoors for the bbq, one in each bathroom, one for quickly removing birds’ mess off the car… its endless!

We found that Handi Dish makes washing or cleaning almost any surface a breeze. Thanks to its innovative features, it is a faster, simpler and more efficient way of doing the washing up. Handi Dish really comes in ‘handi’!