Vileda MAGICAL Blogger Review Round-Up

When it comes to trying new products, it’s so much easier to hear what others think before you go out and buy something yourself. The new Vileda Magical was recently reviewed by a number of bloggers and we wanted to share their thoughts with you here in a short snippet.

Firstly, Vileda Magical is a brand new way to keep surfaces cleaner for longer by repelling water, soap and limescale residue – they just slide right off when pre-treated with Magical. The invisible layer stops dirt and water marks and also prevents fog from showing on glass and mirrors. The biggest benefit of Magical is that it makes future cleaning easier and faster.Vileda Magical in the Shower

Vileda Magical is perfect for:

  • Shower screens
  • Bathroom mirrors
  • Bathroom taps
  • Bathroom tiles
  • Laundry and kitchen taps
  • Any surface that gets wet and dirty!

But don’t let us tell you what Magical should be used for, our bloggers have tried and tested and we’ve got their verdict…

The Plumbette thought: “The mirror didn’t fog at all after each and every shower…. It made cleaning the bathroom easier. The mirrors didn’t need touching” Read more 

What’s Mummy Up To said: ‘It does work!  … It was pretty impressive! … No more wiping down the mirror with a towel only to have it fog up a minute or so later” Read more 

Melting Moments wrote: “I am all for products that make daily chores easier. Vileda Magical Spray has made a difference in the appearance of the surfaces in our bathroom in the past few weeks. The water marks require wiping away less frequently and the mirror isn’t getting the towel treatment (which always leaves an arc shaped mark) when it’s hot and steamy in the bathroom” Read more

NJT Blogger thought: “Vileda Magical system… is making me happy in the bathroom. …The most amazing thing that got me was the prevention of fogging, which still blows my mind! … It’s going to leave your wet areas cleaner for longer, allowing you to get on with life and not spend double the amount of time cleaning.” Read more

A Moment in Our World said: “I was quite surprised at how well this product works…. I’m very impressed with the results. Our bathroom is looking cleaner and fresher. No fog on the mirrors after showers, and no water hanging around on the tiles and glass door in the shower, which means there is no moisture hanging around”  Read more

Simplify Create Inspire wrote: “I tried a few of the so called magic fix home remedies on Pinterest on and off over the years and they did not really do the job with the anti-fog. This does. Making them water resistant is also great. Less cleaning time needed and therefore more time for fun stuff… like crafting and playing with the kids. Win-win!” Read more

Busy Mama Bee thought:  “Like water off a duck’s back, the water just faded away. No marks left. Very nice” Read more

Mizz Mummy said: “We have been using the Magical System for 2 weeks now and I am very impressed with the overall effectiveness as well as the little amount needed to cover a surface – which means that a whole bottle will really last you.”  Read more

A few tips on using Vileda Magical:

  • Start with a clean surface, otherwise you will only smear the dirt
  • Spray on a section at a time and wipe with the blue cloth, spreading it across the entire surface until dry
  • Works best if used with the blue microfibre cloth that comes with the spray
  • For longer-lasting water-repellent effects, increase the amount of spray used
  • Use weekly to top-up the water repellent effects

Right now there is also a special competition running for those who buy Vileda Magical from the new online store  – you can win a Magical Experience worth $500! Just purchase here  and enter here .

Competition closes 31 March 2015.

So now that you have no more excuses for water marks on the shower screen, tiles, mirror or taps, get cleaning!