Vileda Non Scratch Scouring Sponge Review

The Vileda Non Scratch Scouring Sponge has been a staple in many homes for years. With the scourer now available at the Vileda eBay store in a value pack of 24, its time to give it a road test and share what all the fuss is about.

With a patented non scratch material, this scourer is designed for just about any surface. But to really give it a work out, I tested it out on my stovetop after a particularly messy episode cooking a bolognese sauce!

You can see just how dirty my stovetop gets when a pot of red sauce has been left to simmer uncovered for a couple of hours. It normally takes a soak with an all-purpose spray for about ten minutes followed by a lot of elbow grease to get the stovetop clean.

Dirty Stove Top Before and After One Wipe Of The Sponge

For the Vileda scourer I decided to give it more of a work out with just a light spray of my cleaner and got to work straight away, leaving no time for it to soak in and give the scourer too much of a helping hand!

I was excited to see the dried on sauce come off with only one swipe of the scourer! The photo above is literally the first wipe I took on the entire stove. There was no harsh scrubbing required at all – it felt as easy as general wipe down. Once all the dried on bits were scoured off I just turned over to the sponge side to wipe up the residue.

In total, cleaning my very dirty stove (plus tiled splashback) took less than 5 minutes, which is about half the time it would normally take. Not to mention the time and extra effort saved from not leaving the detergent to soak in. I can say that this scourer is truly a must have for any kitchen, where baked or dried on food is just about a daily occurrence.

The scourer itself rinsed extremely clean, as I scrubbed it back against itself to remove every trace of grime in its grooves. Both the scouring and the sponge sides are very durable and, having used this scouring sponge in the past, I know it will last a very long time without disintegrating.

And the best thing about the Non Scratch Scouring Sponge is in the name – there were no scratches! Any scratches on my stainless steel stovetop were there beforehand. It is even recommended by DuPont for use on Teflon pots and pans as it won’t damage their delicate surface.

The Vileda Non Scratch Scouring Sponge is now available at the Vileda Australia official eBay store in an exclusive bulk pack.