Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

Your washing machine doesn’t need cleaning, after all it receives a wash with each cycle, right? Wrong!

Your washing machine can be subject to build up, grime and mould, all of which will mean that it doesn’t wash your clothes as well as it should. Particularly if you usually always wash with cold water, which doesn’t clear out all the dirt and oils from your machine as effectively as hot water.

One of the best tips for keeping your washing machine in the best shape is not to overload on detergent. More detergent definitely does not equal better cleaning, so if your load is particularly stained, look into a specific stain treater instead of just adding more detergent than usual.

Also, you usually do not need as much detergent as the box says – try experimenting with a little less detergent each time. Your clothes, washing machine and hip pocket will thank you for it!

Every six months or so (more if you always wash in cold) you should do a ‘maintenance’ wash for your machine only. Fill it up on a hot cycle, add a cup of vinegar and allow the machine to run through its wash and rinse cycle. If you have noticeable amount of build up, you can also run a second ‘maintenance’ wash following the vinegar cycle with a cup of bleach, again with hot water and allow your machine to run through its complete wash and rinse cycle.

If you have a front loader machine, you will know that the door seal can be a cause of build up and mould. Once a month, gently pull aside the seal to inspect it and use a cloth dipped in vinegar to wipe it down.

Make sure you leave the door open after each wash (top and front loaders) so the machine can dry out as much as possible before the next load.

With a bit of regular maintenance, your washing machine should run more efficiently and last you a lot longer before you need to replace it.