What is a Strip Mop?

The mop has been around since the 1400s, possibly even longer, but it’s come a long way in recent years. There are now so many varieties that a person could actually be forgiven for not knowing what to clean their floor with!

Should you use: a dust mop, a flat mop, a sponge mop, a strip mop, a steam mop, or just your good old-fashioned string mop? Even then, do you use cut ends or looped ends? 100% cotton, poly-cotton blended, rayon-blended, or microfibre twisted?

A mop is just a mop, right? Surely one is as good as another?

Well . . . yes, and no.

All mops clean, but some are better suited to one surface over another. For example, a string mop is the bomb for heavy duty use on corrugated floors such as concrete, ceramic tile and stone, but catastrophic for click system laminates. Excess water easily seeps through the cracks to swell and rot the core boards beneath. Replacing them can be a costly and frustrating endeavour. On this type of flooring system, damp, not wet, is essential.

A strip mop is a great little all-rounder for most households as there are now replaceable heads suitable for both laminate and softwood floors. Aptly named, the strip mop swaps out traditional cotton strings for synthetic strips of fabric that cover more ground with less effort.

Lighter in weight, even when wet, strip mops wring dryer than other mops and allow for a quick and easy cleaning experience.

Some utilise microfibre (a combination of polyester and polyamide) for added absorbency. And some, like the SuperMocio 3Action, feature 3D power zones for enhanced, non-scratch, scrubbing action that collects dirt and hair with ease. Those bad boys have serious muscle and stamina in their matrix.

Strip mop heads are machine washable for up to four months’ of reuse, and microfibre versions dry faster than any other mop on the market making them less susceptible to mildew and bacteria growth.

Does this mean the centuries-old string mop is becoming a relic of the past? Or will it always have a place in the home?

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